A Dark Fairytale: Real Royalty Review

In early April 2019, I had the pleasure of being invited to cover Hanging Lantern’s event “Real Royalty” written and designed by Natasha Borders, Jeffrey Steele, and Benji Michalek. The game was a dark fairytale incorporating stories and inspiration from the world’s most famous, classic stories. From a designer’s standpoint, Real Royalty was an amazing and fascinating game. While not everything worked and the experimental mechanics certainly could have used more playtesting before going live, the fact that the Hanging Lantern team was willing to try so many experimental things meant that Real Royalty helped push freeform mechanical design forward dramatically faster than any game I’ve played in the last two years.


The Apocalypse Comes: Q&A with Reverie Studios’ Eskhaton

(Photos by Jesse Robert Gifford Stuart. Illustrations by Jabari Weathers.) (Ericka’s Note: Reverie Studios reached out to me as an ‘Influencer’ and, after much negotiation, I took the contract with a focus on being a larp journalist for their event. What that means is that I retain full editorial control over everything I say about … Continue reading The Apocalypse Comes: Q&A with Reverie Studios’ Eskhaton