The Emergent Larp Recipe

If you've heard us use the term 'Emergent Larping', this is the blog to read to figure out what we mean! From faction play, to sandboxes, cultural leads, and workshops, this is the recipe list to make your own Emergent Larp.

An empty medical bed surrounded by police tape.

A Well Designed Death

Death is not a subject I’ve managed to find my comfort with yet. I think most people live in the same ‘pretending it’s not going to happen’ bubble that I do, and yet we participate in games where it’s something we need to face on a semi-regular basis. From long term campaign larps where there is a possibility of permanently killing a character in unplanned fashions, to events like Inside Hamlet, where the goal of many players is to create the most epic death possible, it’s a theme we often explore in larp. For game designers, deciding on how to handle death in your event is a pivotal design choice and one that will make or break a player’s experience if it’s handled well.

We Collectively Suck at Setting Boundaries in Larp

(Featured Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash.) I’ve been doing a lot of personal work lately on learning to set boundaries and damn it’s hard. However, it’s also an incredibly necessary step towards not just being your own person, but having a healthy relationship with the world around you. The more I dive into boundary … Continue reading We Collectively Suck at Setting Boundaries in Larp

Not So Happy Holidays: Designing Larp for the Season

(Photo by Andreas Rønningen on Unsplash.) ‘Tis the season, as you all know. If you’re asking what season, well, it’s the time of year that North Americans are surrounded by the inescapable pressure to celebrate capitalism, families, and Christian culture with some doses of minority celebrations thrown in for color (forgive the salty pun.) Even … Continue reading Not So Happy Holidays: Designing Larp for the Season