Flying High with a Larp Safety Net

For every game you've played with safety mechanics as a part of the system, I want you to think back to how many times you've used them. Chances are, it's been rare, but not never. I've gone through the gamut of safety mechanics from having almost none to having WAY too many. After years of … Continue reading Flying High with a Larp Safety Net


What’s Your LARPing Type of Fun?

Type 2 fun. Myself, and many of my friends (though not all), describe ourselves as "Type 2 larpers." I even used this term before I fully understood what it meant or where it came from; all I knew is I liked it when larp made me cry and people called that Type 2. But knowing the various types of "fun" out there, understanding ALL the types, and understanding how they relate to you can be a great tool in your toolbox for how to make yourself a good larp experience. So, let's get down to the question: What are the types of fun?

We Have a Responsibility to Do Better

(Featured photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash.) As someone who is considered a community leader within larping circles, there’s been pressure to make a statement or take clear action against the current COVID-19 crisis that our country is facing. Communities all around the world are cancelling public gatherings because social distancing is … Continue reading We Have a Responsibility to Do Better