We Can Tell Dangerous Stories Safely

(Trigger Warning: This blog discusses topics of racism, hate crimes, and sexual violence under a separate cut warning at the end. Do not read if any of that content is triggering for your mental state.) (Featured photo by Bret Lehne of Velvet Noir II. Models: Dann Lynch, Jason Brunett, and Victoria Lai.) Safe spaces don’t exist … Continue reading We Can Tell Dangerous Stories Safely

Eskhaton: Reviewing the End of the World

I recently attended Eskhaton by Reverie Studios. It was talked about as a horror game, but in truth, it was a game of modern day cults and the end of the world. The characters and cults were the horrors, not the things being horrified. It was interesting to walk on the other side of that classic gaming genre. Here is a full review of the things that worked, what didn't, and what we can learn from this engaging, dark experience of an event.

We Collectively Suck at Setting Boundaries in Larp

(Featured Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash.) I’ve been doing a lot of personal work lately on learning to set boundaries and damn it’s hard. However, it’s also an incredibly necessary step towards not just being your own person, but having a healthy relationship with the world around you. The more I dive into boundary … Continue reading We Collectively Suck at Setting Boundaries in Larp